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  • Hi-Tor Eno Diet for Dogs

    by: Hi-Tor

    Hi-Tor Eno Diet For Dogs Features and Benefits: * Formulated to reduce stress and irritation of the gastrointestinal tract* Nutritionally complete* Low fiber* Highly digestible protein from chicken, pork, and eggs* Restricted fat content* Provides essential fatty acids* No artificial flavors or…


    No more belly aching! Hi-Tor Eno Diet For Dogs is a healthy food for dogs formulated specifically if your dog suffers from stomach and digestive stress and irritation from certain foods. This nutritionally complete formula is made with chicken, pork, and eggs that are an excellent source of protein and are easily digested. Hi-Tor is low in fiber and restricted in fat so your dog's system does not have to work too hard to get all the nutrition he or she needs to live healthily.


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