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Gerbil Food

  • Native Earth 18% Protein 4018 Rodent Diet 40-lbs

    by: Native Earth

    …18% Protein 4018 Rodent Diet 40-lbs (formerly Harlan) Benefits and Features* Contains 18% protein from plant sources* For hamsters, mice, rats, gerbils and other rodents * Contains 5% fat * Does not contain alfalfa* Promotes gestation, lactation, and growth of rodents * Energy and nutrient-dense*…


    Give your little furry one the nutrition they deserve with Native Earth 18% Protein 4018 Rodent Diet! This natural ingredient diet is specially formulated with 18% protein from plants, 5% fat, vitamins, and minerals. Native Earth is a natural-ingredient pelleted diet that provides balanced and essential nutrition for the growth, maintenance, and reproduction of rats, mice, gerbils and hamsters. Native Earth 18% Protein 4018 also promotes healthy reproduction, gestation and growth for breeding rodents and strong little babies. Because this food is balanced and complete, supplements are not needed. Keep your hamsters, rats, mice, and gerbils healthy and active with this nutritious and delicious rodent food.


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  • Tropical Carnival Hamster Food

    by: Tropical Carnival

    What’s so valuable about Tropical Carnival Hamster Food? Find out here: * Fortified with nutritious vitamins for optimum well-being for your hamster or gerbil* Includes nutritious mix of seeds, grains, vegetables and fruits* Aids in proper digestion* Irresistible and delicious


    Tropical Carnival Hamster Food is filled with the vitamins and nutrients your hamster or gerbil needs to be happy and healthy. Made with an array of healthy vegetables, fruits, seeds and grains, this enriched food for hamsters aids in overall health and proper digestion!


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  • CareFRESH Complete Menu Hamster & Gerbil Food

    by: Carefresh

    * Fortified with vitamins and chelated nutrients* All natural ingredients* Contains whole grains, seeds, and vegetables* No animal by-products or fillers* Nut-free blend* Encourages foraging and healthy eating* Made in the USA


    Gerbils and hamsters are a favorite among pet lovers. Their soft, cuddly fur and bounds of energy never get tiring. To keep your little friend revved up for more fun, feed your pet CareFRESH Complete Menu for Gerbil and Hamster Food. As a natural forager, your pet will benefit from the special blend of whole grain, seeds, and vegetables (does not include sunflower seeds which can contribute to obesity). CareFRESH Complete Menu for Gerbil and Hamster Food is complete and balanced, plus it is fortified with a vitamin super pack and chelated nutrients.


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