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Greenies Dental Treats Petite Size

  • Greenies Petite Size Dog Chew Treats

    by: Greenies

    …Oral Health Coucil Seal of Acceptance Independent studies have shown that feeding one nutritious new Greenies dental chew per day resulted in a:* 69% reduction in tartar (calculus)* 10.5% decrease in plaque formation* 77% reduction in dental stain formation* 31% reduction in bad breath


    Greenies Petite Size Dog Chew Treats help dogs 15-25 lbs clear out any plaque or tartar build up that can be harmful to oral health. Each dog treat is full of nutrients like antioxidants that support immune health. Rich is fiber for easy digestion, Greenies Petite Size Dog Chew Treats have a chewing texture and delicious taste your dog will beg for. With a seal of approval from the Veterinary Oral Health Council, these dog treats are a sure bet to fight oral debris that can keep your dog from a sparkling clean mouth.

    $7.25 - $34.95

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