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Greenies Dental Treats Regular Size

  • Greenies Regular Size Dog Chew Treats

    by: Greenies

    …Oral Health Coucil Seal of Acceptance Independent studies have shown that feeding one nutritious new Greenies dental chew per day resulted in a:* 69% reduction in tartar (calculus)* 10.5% decrease in plaque formation* 77% reduction in dental stain formation* 31% reduction in bad breath


    Make teeth-cleaning time a real dog treat with Greenies Regular Size Dog Chew Treats. These healthy snacks are also low in calories, but high in nutrients like antioxidants and fiber. With a great-tasting, chewy texture, Greenies Regular Size Dog Chew Treats clean teeth and freshen breath, while helping digestion and just being down right tasty! You won't have to keep giving your pet a dog treat that loads on the pounds, because Greenies Regular Size Dog Chew Treats is the delicious, nutritious choice.

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