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Guinea Habitat

  • Green Dreamzzz Premium Paper Pet Bedding

    by: American Pet Diner

    …Premium Paper Pet Bedding can explain why this item is best for your pets. * Perfectly warm and comfortable for nesting, burrowing and playing* Habitat stays clean and dry * Biodegradable, made from 1% recycled paper* Long lasting expands to 3 times its compressed volume* Made in the USA General…


    Green Dreamzzz Premium Paper Pet Bedding will give your small pets all the bedding you need, it is premium paper bedding thats not but comfort, healthy, save and effective. This bedding is made from recycled from unused phonebooks, its green certified. The ultimate eco-friendly bedding, the perfect choice for your small pets! The coloring of the paper is from edible vegetable inks. Green Dreamzzz Premium Paper Pet Bedding is perfect for keeping your pets warm and comfortable while absorbing those bad odors too.


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  • Oxbow Botanical Hay

    by: Oxbow

    …in your pet's habitat. The fragrant herbs enhance the aroma and taste of the hay, which provides long-strand fiber necessary for your pet's digestive health. Western Timothy is the # 1 recommended hay by veterinarians for the health of your animal. Recommended for: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas…


    This enticing blend unites Western Timothy Hay with a rich array of three of the following fragrant herbs: chamomile, lemon verbena, hibiscus, lavender, rose hips, comfrey, borage or red clover blossoms. Alternate Botanical Hay with other Oxbow grass hays, or mix it in with other hays to create appetizing, long-strand fiber meals.


    Ships FREE with orders of $49+

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