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  • Lactated Ringers Electrolyte Replacement Fluid

    by: Lactated Ringers

    …are unlikely if the proper dose is given. Abscesses or infection can occur at the injection site. It is, therefore, important to use a sterile needle and proper technique with each treatment. Certain signs of an allergic reaction to Lactated Ringers include facial swelling, hives, scratching,…


    What is Lactated Ringers Electrolyte Replacement Fluid? Lactated Ringers is an injectable liquid that contains sodium, potassium, and other electrolytes. It is used in situations where rehydration is necessary. Examples of this include shock, decreased oral intake of fluid and food, illness such as kidney disease, and other problems. Lactated Ringers is administered as an injection either under the skin (subcutaneously) or in the vein (intravenously) as directed by your veterinarian. This solution can be given at home as necessary and your veterinarian can teach you the proper administration technique.

    Formulated for: cats, dogs, and other species including horses and livestock.

    How is this medication given? Lactated Ringers is an injectable liquid that can be given under the skin (subcutaneously) or in the vein (intravenously) as prescribed by your veterinarian. Your veterinarian will determine the proper amount of fluid and route administration that is best for your pet so always follow his/her instructions. If you have trouble giving this medication or if you do not understand the directions, contact your veterinarian. If you forget to give a dose, try to give it as soon as you remember but do not give two doses at once. Your veterinarian may instruct you and teach you how to give Lactated Ringers at home. For proper administration, you will also need a fluid drip set and a needle in addition to the bag of fluids. Your veterinarian will let you know what equipment is necessary. In general, Lactated Ringers can be administered as follows:
    1. Remove the fluid bag and fluid drip set from their protective packaging.
    2. Close the line lock in the middle of the fluid tubing by moving the roller so that it squeezes the tubing. The lock on a new fluid set is usually set to the open position.
    3. The top end of the fluid set has a large, pointed end with a protective cap. Remove this cap, but do not allow it to become contaminated. MAKE SURE IT DOES NOT TOUCH ANYTHING.
    4. Pull off the covering from the exit port on the bottom end of the fluid bag and push the pointed end of the fluid set into the open hole of the fluid bag. Make sure it is seated firmly or it can leak.
    5. Squeeze and release the bulb at the top of the drip set until the bulb chamber is about half full with fluid.
    6. Open the line lock and/or roller on the tubing and then hold or suspend the fluid bag. Fill the fluid line with fluid from the bag until it runs the entire length of the tubing. Be sure that all large air bubbles run out of the tubing.
    7. After the fluid line has been primed, close the lock and move the roller down.
    8. Twist the needle on to the end of the fluid line as clean as possible. Do not contaminate the open end.
    9. Insert the needle and deliver fluid as directed by your veterinarian. Your veterinarian can answer any questions you may have regarding the use of Lactated Ringers. This medication should only be given to the pet for which it was prescribed. Needles and drip sets are also available only when prescribed by a veterinarian.

    How does this medication work? It works to restore electrolytes (sodium, chloride, potassium, etc.) in situations where there is a loss of fluid. Lactated Ringers rehydrates the body and helps to maintain proper hydration. Hydration is necessary for normal body function. Electrolyte balance is important for certain actions including muscle contraction and nerve activity.


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  • Insulin Syringes/Needles U-40 29 Gauge x 0.5 Inch

    by: Syringe

    U-40 syringes (40 units per mL) are primarily used to administer insulin to your pet. Multiple concentrations of insulin are available so you want to make sure the insulin syringe you are using matches the type of insulin being given. U-40 syringes…

    $2.80 - $33.26

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