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  • Iverhart Plus

    by: Iverhart

    …pamoate are the active ingredients in Iverhart Plus. Both ingredients work to initiate paralysis and eventual death of the targeted parasite. Ivermectin kills heartworm larvae(Dirofilaria immitus) before they develop into adults that can cause illness in your dog. Pyrantel pamoate works to control…


    • Generic alternative to Heartgard Plus so each dose is more economical.
    • Works to protect your dog from heartworm infection plus it helps to prevent and treat roundworms and hookworms(common intestinal parasites).
    • Tablets are highly palatable so most dogs accept them readily.
    • One dose once a month is all it take to keep your dog protected!!
    • Tablets contain pork and liver flavoring so dogs who have allergies to beef can take this medication safely.

    Possible Side Effects: Most dogs tolerate Iverhart Plus well if it is given at the recommended dose. Side effects can sometimes occur and include vomiting, diarrhea, incoordination, convulsions, and drooling. Some dogs can be truly allergic to this medication or to the parasites dying off. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include facial swelling, hives, scratching, sudden onset of diarrhea, vomiting, shock, seizures, pale gums, cold limbs, and coma. If you notice any of these signs, call your vet or the local veterinary emergency center as this requires immediate treatment. If your dog is acting unusual in any way after giving this medication, contact your veterinarian immediately for further instructions.

    Drug and Food Interactions: No drug or food interactions have been reported with Iverhart Plus. Make sure you tell your veterinarians about any other medications, vitamins, or supplements your dog is taking before starting Iverhart Plus. If you are giving any other preventative medications to your dog, tell your veterinarian before giving this one.

    Precautions: Puppies under 6 weeks of age should not take this medication. Pregnant and nursing dogs can generally take this medication safely but always check with your veterinarian before using it. Certain breeds can be sensitive to the Ivermectin in Iverhart Plus. These breeds include Collies and other herding breeds. Ivermectin sensitivity is more common when higher doses are given but it is important to discuss the safety of this medication with your veterinarian if you own one of these breeds of dog. Your dog will need a blood test to look for heartworm disease before starting.

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  • Comfortis for Dogs

    by: Comfortis

    …or vitamins your dog is taking before giving him/her Comfortis. Avoid use of this medication in animals that are receiving high doses of ivermectin, as ivermectin toxicity may occur. Precautions: Do not use Comfortis in animals who are hypersensitive (allergic) to spinosad. This medication should be…


    Solve your dogs flea problems and prevent future flea infestations with Comfortis chewable tablets!

    What is Comfortis? Comfortis is a beef-flavored chewable tablet that is given once a month. It works to kill fleas and to prevent and treat flea infestations in dogs.

    Formulated for: Dogs and puppies over 14 weeks of age can receive Comfortis.

    How is this medication given? Comfortis is an oral medication. Since it is flavored and chewable, most dogs take it easily.

    Give this medication with food if possible. You should give another full dose of Comfortis if vomiting happens to occur within one hour of administration.

    Giving Comfortis one month before active flea season starts will help to achieve optimal results. Once fleas become active, it is advised to continue this medication monthly until flea season ends. In regions where fleas are active year-round, this medication may be required monthly every month of the year to ensure adequate flea control.

    Comfortis is available in multiple sizes and your dogs dose will be determined by his/her body weight. If your dog exceeds 120 lbs, you will need to give a combination of the appropriate sizes of medication in order to achieve the best results.

    This medication can be prescribed for your dog by your veterinarian. You should give Comfortis only to the pet that it is prescribed for.

    How does this medication work? Spinosad is the active ingredient in Comfortis. It works to excite the fleas nervous system which causes paralysis. This results in the death of fleas.

    What results can I expect? Once Comfortis is administered, fleas should start to die within 30 minutes. Each dose remains effective for one month (30 days).

    If Comfortis is given to your dog and he/she is infested with fleas, it is possible for fleas to linger beyond 30 days. This is because immature fleas in the environment still have the opportunity to hatch.

    Comfortis is one key part of a good flea prevention program. Speak with your veterinarian about other precautions you can take to rid your dog of fleas and to prevent future infestations.

    What Form(s) does Comfortis come in? This medication is available as a chewable tablet with beef flavoring. Different strengths are available ranging from 140 mg (5-10 lbs) to 1620 mg (60.1-120 lbs). The dose of medication your dog requires is based on his/her body weight.

    Generic Name: Spinosad (Common Drug Name)

    Common Brand Name: Comfortis (Lilly)

    Dose and Administration: Comfortis is generally given once a month but always follow your veterinarians directions. It is recommended to give Comfortis chewable tablets with food.

    Comfortis chewable tablets may be chewed, offered in food, or administered directly in the mouth like other medications.

    If your pet vomits his/her medication within 1 hour of administration, you can repeat the dose.

    Ideally, it is recommended to start giving Comfortis one month before fleas become active. After that, this medication should be given monthly through the end of the flea season.

    If fleas are common in your area year-round, continue Comfortis monthly all 12 months of the year.

    If there are fleas in the home, all pets should be treated with appropriate flea medication. Fleas need to be on your dog for this medication to kill them. Talk to your vet about other strategies you can use to eliminate flea infestations from your home.

    Only give this medication to the pet that your veterinarian prescribes it for. If you are unsure of how to use this medication correctly, contact your veterinarian.

    Uses: Comfortis is used to kill fleas and to prevent flea infestations in dogs for a full month.

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  • Acarexx Otic Suspension

    by: Acarexx

    Dosage Information : Acarexx (0.01% ivermectin) Otic Suspension is administered topically in the ear canal at an ivermectin concentration of 0.01%. One dose of 0.5 mL is applied in each ear. Repeat treatment one time if necessary, based upon the ear mite life cycle and the response to treatment.…


    Acarexx Otic Suspension is for treatment of adult ear mites in cats and kittens four weeks or older. Each dose of Acarexx Otic Suspension contains 2 ampules containing 0. 5 mL of 0. 01% ivermectin otic suspension.
    Administration: Tear foil pouch at the notch to remove the two plastic ampules. Use one ampule per ear. Shake well before use. Snap off the cap of the ampule and place the tip into the external ear canal. Squeeze the entire contents of one ampule into the ear and massage the base of the ear to distribute the medication. Repeat the procedure in the other ear using the second ampule. In clinical field trials, ears were not cleaned and many animals still had debris in their ears at the end of the study. Cleaning the ears prior to administration of Acarexx is not necessary to provide effectiveness.Always follow the dosage instructions provided by your veterinarian. This medication should only be given to the pet for which it was prescribed. Talk to your veterinarian about what tests and exams may be necessary while your pet is taking Acarexx Otic Suspension. Also discuss how long the treatment period will be and what type of outcome is expected. You and your vet


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