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Lysine For Cats

  • Vetoquinol Viralys L-Lysine Powder Supplement for Cats

    by: Vetoquinol

    …L-Lysine Powder Supplement for Cats is recommended as an aid for treatment in cats that are suffering from this virus. It is highly palatable and can easily be mixed with your cats dry or wet food. Vetoquinol Viralys L-Lysine Powder Supplement for Cats will help your cat recover in no time at all.


    Vetoquinol Viralys L-Lysine Powder Supplement for Cats Features and Benefits:

    • Has a palatable flavor that cats will love
    • Aid in the treatment of Feline Herpes Virus
    • L-lysine-based supplements developed specifically for cats and kittens
    • Convenient delivery methods ensure cats get a full course of treatment for a better outcome
    • Ease of administration minimizes additional stress on the cat or kitten
    • Excellent safety profile
    • Each 322 mg (1 rounded scoop) contains approximately 250 mg of L-Lysine in a palatable base
    • Powder may be sprinkled over dry food or mixed with a small amount of canned food


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  • Vetoquinol Enisyl-F Lysine Supplemental Cat Treats

    by: Vetoquinol

    Vetoquinol Enisyl-F Lysine Supplemental Cat Treats Features and Benefits: * Palatable supplemental cat treats* Source of L-Lysine* Helps reduce severity and duration of feline herpes virus infections* Helps reduce flare ups Directions for Use: * For routine administration: Give 5 treats a day -…


    For cats and kittens with feline herpes virus (FHV-1), Vetoquinol Enisyl-F Lysine Supplemental Cat Treats are a tasty poultry snack that helps reduce flare-ups and minimizes their severity and duration. The active ingredient is L-Lysine, an amino acid that’s been clinically proven to manage FHV-1 -- transmitted from cat-to-cat through discharge from the nose, eyes or mouth and sharing litter boxes, water dishes and food – and can be safely administered daily, for as long as required.


    Ships FREE with orders of $49+

  • Feline Caviar Chicken with Pink Salmon Cat Dry Food

    by: Canine Caviar

    …method of feeding for most cats. Just put the recommended daily portion in your cat's dish each morning. Your cat will eat it throughout the day as it needs nourishment. The chart below will help in determining the right amount for your cat. Occasionally your cat will require an adjustment…


    Our Feline Caviar CHICKEN WITH PINK SALMON CAT FOOD is intended for kittens, pregnant or nursing queens, and active adults that are not overweight and contributes to the prevention of struvite urinary crystals through controlled magnesium levels and creation of acidic urine ranging between 6.1 to 6.4 pH.

    For good health: Feline Caviar Chicken With Pink Salmon Formula Cat Food is a natural holistic formula that uses only the finest quality proteins and grains.


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  • Wellness Kitten Health Dry Cat Food

    by: Wellness

    …of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for growth and gestation/lactation. **Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles. Holistic Nutrition for your Growing Cat Optimal Energy Levels for Growing Kittens Improved focus on Urinary…


    Kitten Health is a well-rounded, everyday diet of meats, grains and fruits. We have focused on the nutrition that growing kittens need to develop at the right pace from weaning to 1 year.

    Cat Testimonials:

    We adopted our kitten Milo a week ago. A salesperson at the pet store recommended Wellness dry and canned kitten food. We are glad we made the right choice. Milo became more active and energetic; his coat looks shiny and healthy. He enjoys this food very much. Thank you for a wonderful product! - Natalia D., Brooklyn. NY

    $14.24 - $19.98

    Ships FREE with orders of $49+

  • Primal Feline Raw Frozen Beef & Salmon Formula

    by: Primal Pet Foods

    Primal Feline Formulas are developed specifically for feline consumption with the proper and safe ratios of calcium to phosphorous, protein to produce, and vitamins and minerals to ensure that our diets can be fed as a nutritionally well balanced meal. All Primal Feline Formulas are produced with…


    * Fresh Beef and Salmon for superior levels of Amino and Essential Fatty Acids.
    * Finely Ground, Fresh Beef Bones for optimum levels of Calcium.
    * Organic Produce for Food Derived Vitamins A, B-complex, C and D.
    * Cold Water Salmon Oil for Essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
    * Organic & Unrefined Nutritional Supplements for Digestion and Circulation.
    * Organic Grapefruit Seed Extract and Vitamin E as Antioxidants.
    * Organic Coconut Oil for Linolenic Fatty Acids.
    * Taurine Supplement for optimum Retinal Health.

    All Frozen Diets ship 2nd Day Air and will be delivered to your home within two days once it leaves our facility! Please note that we are unable to accept returns on frozen items.

    Please Note: All Frozen and Refrigerated orders take 24-48 hours to process. These orders will be shipped 2nd Day Air from our supplier on Mon – Tues – Wed only. Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery. RX medications that are refrigerated or frozen require a valid prescription from your Veterinarian. RX medication orders will not be processed until your Veterinarian’s authorization is received. Due to Federal Regulations, we are unable to accept returns on frozen and refrigerated products. Next Day and 2nd Day Air orders are not eligible for Free Shipping.


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