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Natural Chemistry Natural Cat Flea Shampoo

  • Natural Chemistry De Flea Concentrat 1gl

    by: Natural Chemistry

    Natural Chemistry De Flea Shampoo Concentrate Benefits and Features* Kills fleas, ticks, lice, mites and other insects* Works on all stages of flea life cycle* Can be used with other flea products* * Safe, gentle formula for dogs and cats of any age* Non-toxic* Pesticide free * Relieves skin…


    Send those fleas back to the circus the safe way with Natural Chemistry De Flea Shampoo Concentrate. This gentle, yet effective flea shampoo is free of harsh chemicals and pesticides and can be used with other flea products on your pet. This 3:1 concentrate provides added value for professional groomers looking for an alternative to shampoo's containing harsh chemicals. It works instantly and kills fleas, mites, lice, and other insects. Breaks the entire flea life cycle by eliminating flea larvae, flea eggs, and adult fleas for your pet! Pesticide free and non-toxic, Natural Chemistry De Flea Shampoo Concentrate is the perfect alternative to traditional flea shampoos!


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