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Pawz Dog Boots

  • Pawz Dog Boots

    by: Pawz

    …Well no more because Pawz Dog Boots is the world's only disposable and reusable waterproof dog boot. These fun boots are made of natural rubber, and are 100% biodegradable. They were designed to go on easy and fit securely without the hassle of zippers or straps. Pawz Dog Boots are not only durable…


    Whatí s so valuable about Pawz Dog Boots? Find out here:

    • Waterproof and disposable boots for dogs
    • 100 % biodegradable
    • Just like a sock moves with your dog allowing your dogí s paw to be mobile
    • Pawz come 12 in a package and each boot may be worn many times
    • Made in the USA

    Tiny=Lime green

    $15.99 - $19.99

    Ships FREE with orders of $49+

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