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Proin 25mg

  • Proin

    by: PRN Pharmacal

    Now there is help for your dog if she suffers from urinary leakage (also known as urinary incontinence). This condition can be uncomfortable for your dog and frustrating for you. Proin can help manage this condition and should result in your dog…

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  • Antirobe Aquadrop

    by: Antirobe

    Antirobe Aquadrops are indicated for the treatment of soft tissue infections.


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  • Veraflox Oral Suspension

    by: Veraflox

    VERAFLOX is indicated for the treatment of skin infections (wounds and abscesses) in cats caused by susceptible strains of Pasteurella multocida, Streptococcus canis, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus felis, and Staphylococcus pseudintermedius.

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  • Vibramycin Liquid 25mg/5mL 2-oz Btl

    by: Vibramycin

    * Prescription antibiotic for the treatment of bacterial infections * May be given with food to decrease side effects Follow dosage instructions provided by your veterinarian


    Veterinarians prescribe Vibramycin in order to treat your pets susceptible bacterial infections which include tick-borne infection, salmon poisoning, and leptospirosis.

    What is Vibramycin?This is an antibiotic (doxycycline) that is used to treat susceptible infections including ehrlichiosis, Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, salmon poisoning, toxoplasmosis, and leptospirosis.

    What are the benefits of Vibramycin?

    • Treats multiple types of infections and tick-borne diseases.
    • Liquid is easy to give and allows for precise dosing.
    • Can be given to multiples species of animals.

    Formulated for:multiple species including dogs and cats.

    How is this medication given?Give this medication orally with food to decrease side effects. Give at least a teaspoon of water after each dose to prevent damage to the esophagus (in cats). Do not use milk. For small mammals, try fruit juices.

    Give this medication exactly as prescribed by your veterinarian. Finish the entire course of antibiotic even if your pets condition improves before the end of treatment or infection may recur or worsen. If you have any questions, ask your veterinarian.

    How does this medication work?This is antibiotic that kills susceptible bacteria by preventing susceptible bacteria from producing proteins that are essential to their growth and reproduction.

    What results can I expect? Vibramycin is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and is carried to areas where infection is present via the bloodstream. It may take multiple days for your pet to start feeling better. If your pets condition is not improved after the course of Vibramycin is finished, call your veterinarian.

    What form(s) does Vibramycin come in? Powder for liquid suspension with raspberry flavoring.

    Generic Name:Doxycyline (Common Drug Name)

    Common Brand Name:Vibramycin

    Dose and Administration:Use only as prescribed by your veterinarian. Give each dose by mouth with food. It is a good idea to give a small amount of water (cats) or juice(small mammals) after each dose. Do not give with milk. Finish all medication. Call your veterinarian if you are not sure how to use this medication correctly.

    Uses:Vibramycin is the antibiotic, doxycycline. This antibiotic is most commonly used to treat leptospirosis, toxoplasmosis, mycoplasma, psittacosis, salmon poisoning, and other tick-borne diseases.

    Possible Side Effects: Nausea, loss of appetite, diarrhea and vomiting have been reported.

    Protect your pet from the sun while he/she is taking this medication or skin lesions may occur.

    If used long-term, unwanted bacteria or fungi may grow. Brown staining on teeth is possible if this medication is given to immature animals.

    Some pets are truly allergic to this medication. Other side effects may occur. Call your veterinarian right away if your pet acts sick while taking this medication.

    Drug and Food Interactions: Oral antacids, minerals (ex. iron), digoxin, theophylline, warfarin, penicillins, or insulin may interact. Always tell your veterinarian about all medications and supplements your pet is taking.

    Precautions:Do not give Vibramycin to your pet if he/she is allergic to any of the tetracyclines. Avoid use in the first half or pregnancy as this medication can halt fetal growth, alter the skeleton, and yellow the teeth of unborn animals. Yourveterinarian may allow use during the second half of pregnancy if the benefits outweigh the risks.

    Storage:Store at room temperature away from children and pets and away from light. Once the powder is reconstituted into liquid, it must be used within 14 days.

    A prescription from your veterinarian is required to purchase Vibramycin


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