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Small Litter Pan

  • All Living Things Small Animal Litter Pan

    by: All Living Things

    What’s so valuable about All Living Things Small Animal Litter Pan? Find out here: * Made of stain and odor-resistant materials* Fits all wire cages* Made for small animal pets* Equipped with cage locks to prevent over-turning


    All Living Things Small Animal Litter Pan fits firmly in the cage of your small animal pet. Manufacturered from stain and odor-resistant material, this litter pan is especially made for your rabbit, guinea pig or any small furball you have as a friend!

    $6.49 - $11.49

    Ships FREE with orders of $49+

  • Van Ness Giant Litter Pan

    by: Van Ness

    This odor and stain resistant litter pan is virtually unbreakable under normal use. Made from high-impact plastic and is easy to clean. Use with Van Ness Extra Giant Litter Liners.

    All sizes come in assorted colors; please let us choose for…

    $3.63 - $8.56

    Ships FREE with orders of $49+

  • Oxbow Eco Straw Litter

    by: Oxbow

    litter pan and is not easily kicked or thrown out by active pets.* Eco-Straw will not track or stick to coats of animals with long hair, thus making the owner and pet more content and happy. Feeding Directions: Place 1/2-1 inch in the bottom of your pet's cage or litter pan. Scoop and change litter


    Oxbow knows how to make your small animal's habitat a real home, especially with products like Oxbow Eco Straw Litter. This dust free litter is a safe bedding choice for your pet, because it is non-toxic and free of odor. Using a special technology that compresses high fiber wheat straw into a pellet, Oxbow Eco Straw Litter is twice as absorbent as newspaper-based litter and absorbs 300 percent of its weight in moisture.


    Ships FREE with orders of $49+

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