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Stainless Steel Fountain

  • PetSafe Zen Steel Pet Fountain

    by: PetSafe

    What’s so valuable about the PetSafe Zen Steel Pet Fountain? Find out here: * Ideal for cats and small/medium dogs* Holds 1 gallon of water* Carbon filter removes bad tastes and odors from water* Stainless steel bowl* BPA free* Free-falling stream creates a soothing atmosphere for your pet* Safe and…


    Let your pet be at peace with the PetSafe Zen Steel Pet Fountain. Your cat or small dog will go to their happy place with this source of delicious, filtered water. Coming from a free-falling stream and filtered with a 3-layer carbon filter, this fountain for pets (cats and small dogs, mind you) is a great way to entice your pet to drink more water!


    Ships FREE with orders of $49+

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