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Zupreem Fruitblend Flavor Ml Premium Bird Food

  • ZuPreem FruitBlend Flavor ML Premium Bird Food

    by: ZuPreem

    ZuPreem FruitBlend Flavor ML Premium Bird Food Benefits and Features* For medium to large parrots * Made with fruit and other premium ingredients * Complete and balanced nutrition * Easily digestible so your bird gets more nutrients


    Fun shapes and colors will entice your bird to try Zupreem FruitBlend Flavor ML Premium Bird Food! The premium ingredients in ZuPreem bird food are specifically cooked to increase digestibility so your exotic bird gets the maximum amount of nutrients! This nutritious exotic bird food is made from fresh ground fruit for a taste and aroma birds love. Zupreem FruitBlend ML is formulated for Conures, Amazons, Greys, Pionus, Caiques, Senegals and other medium to large parrots. Give your exotic bird a fun and fruity balanced meal with Zupreem FruitBlend ML Premium Bird Food!

    $14.24 - $54.99

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