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Multipet Groom Genie Cat Brush

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Product Details

Does your cat run and hide every time it’s time for a grooming? Ease your pup’s anxieties about grooming with the Multipet Groom Genie Cat Brush. Originally designed and intended for humans, the Groom Genie breezes through knots. Designed by a Mom of three daughters with unruly hair, the word quickly spread about the effectiveness of this brush and a pet version was created. The Groom Genie not only detangles and enhances their coat, but also reduces your pet’s anxiety about grooming. This brush will uncover coat issues such as burs, fleas and ticks with is multi-length bristles. The handle-less design allows you to be closer to your cat and brush with ease.

What’s so valuable about the Multipet Groom Genie Cat Brush? Find out here:
  • Multi-Length Bristles for Effective Grooming
  • Detangles and Enhances Coat
  • Handle-less Design Allows you to Brush with Ease
  • Perfect for Pets with Anxiety about Grooming

PLEASE NOTE: This product comes in assorted colors. Please let us choose for you. Thank you!
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