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About Us

Providing trusted pet products for 20 years and counting!

Why Pet Parents Love Our Family Brands

Our Story

Since 1997, we’ve been dedicated to making life easier for pet parents like you. It all started on the back of a little red truck and quickly grew to become—one of the very first online pet stores. Over time we realized there was so much more we could be doing to help our customers navigate the incredible journey that is pet parenting. And with a few bold moves we did just that.

Fast-forward 20 years, and boy how things have changed! With the addition of the pharmacy, and Only Natural Pet, we’re able to provide owners with an even larger selection of products than ever before. Brands made in the USA, natural and holistic products, allergy-friendly options, veterinary diets, prescription pet medication and vaccinations—you name it, we supply it.

It’s no wonder why loyal customers continue to choose us after all these years. From the very beginning our mission has been to help you get what you need quickly and affordably. And we’re so excited to continue on this amazing journey. After all, life with your pet should always be fun, and filled with love.

Work Life

The Pet360 Pack is comprised of hundreds of awesome, hard-working pet lovers. When you first walk in, you’ll be greeted by Susan, the Office Administrator, work mom and fur baby caretaker extraordinaire. Then you’ll meet your work family, as well as their happy dogs (and cats on occasion) that roam around in search for treats and belly rubs.

Every conference and breakout room shares a clear glass wall with the rest of the office in representation of our belief in company transparency … and also to highlight our love for natural light. As a whole, we enjoy “fancy coffee Wednesdays,” celebrations of any kind (so long as cake is involved), giving back to pet charities, taking pictures of the dogs being adorable and playing with each other … oh, and really good ice cream in the warmer seasons.

At Pet360 we function as one team, one family, one pack. We’re the hands-on type of people who comb through ideas in search of results. Here we believe that working collaboratively, valuing opinions, and having fun along the way are strong contributors to our continued success.

Our 4-Legged Friends

We couldn’t imagine work life without these guys roaming our halls.

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